Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An Open Letter To Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton

An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton,

Dear Secretary Clinton,
I can’t imagine what you must be feeling today.  If it’s anything like what I’m going through, you’re alternating between stunned silence and eating everything you can get your hands on while screaming, “It’s Not Fair! It's Not Fair! It's Not Fair!” In the days and weeks and months to come, I’m sure you’ll be subjected to the views of the media and anyone with over 42 Twitter followers about what you could’ve done differently.  I’m in theatre, so I understand the desire to create causality between events.  We want things to make sense, and when we construct fictive stories, this is one of our main criteria.  

But life, unfortunately, is not art, and doesn’t follow its guidelines.  Some things just don’t make sense.  You not being our 45th President is one of those things.

The people I know weren’t voting for you because you weren’t him.  We were voting for you because we believed, sincerely, passionately, proudly and profoundly, that you were the most qualified person to run for this office.  We continue to believe that. 

We also believe that after you emerge from the hurt and the loss and the mourning, you will rise again, and continue dedicating your life to do the kind of good that we have come to expect from you.  You are bigger than this.  You are better than this.  And as you’ve had to do so many times before, you will prove that.
Those of us who are queer understand a basic tenant that is true for all minorities and unempowered: our work is never done.  Ever since I heard you speak at Vassar College in 1995, you have been my inspiration for fighting the good fight.  

 I want to wallow in my feelings and finish that bag of trail mix filled with chocolate and sweetened cranberries.  But instead, I’m going to get to work, making some plays that will express a fraction of the rage and fear I feel right now.  Because that’s what I think you’d want me to do.  I’m trying to go high, Secretary Clinton. It’s not easy, but I’m trying.

Thank you for your years of service. You make me proud to be an American.

Michael Barakiva